Athlete Acceleration Program


Maximize Your Athletic Ability

See what our high school athletic acceleration program can do for you in Billings, MT

Do you want to take your athletic skills to the next level? The pros at Knockout Lifestyle can help you maximize your athletic potential. We work with high school and college level athletes that want to improve their skills in football, wrestling, volleyball and other sports programs. We offer high school athletic performance acceleration and college athletic acceleration programs in Billings, MT.

We’re working with high school athletes interested in taking their skills beyond graduation.

We'll Help You Improve Your:

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Get Your Child Excited About Fitness

Register for youth sports training with an experienced athlete in Billings, MT

Do you want your child to learn lifelong healthy fitness habits? Knockout Lifestyle offers youth sports training for adolescents 12 years and up at local Billings, MT gyms. Our kids lifestyle coaches are two former and two current college athletes. We focus on helping football, wrestling, volleyball and golf team members. One-on-one coaching is available upon request.

Help your young athlete build strength and endurance. Call 406.690.5681 to learn more about our program.

What Does Our Program Include?

Our youth sports training programs include everything your child needs for a well-rounded fitness routine. We’ll meet three days a week, with each session including:

Our kids fitness trainers also create sports-specific routines. Get in touch to sign your child up for our program.


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